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Erasure is one of the most consistent groups in pop music. Their sound and style has remained largely the same since the late 90s: Andy Bell’s soulful croon stretches luxuriously across Vince Clarke’s swirling symphony of synthesized disco bliss. With The Violet Flame, these two musicians have revealed a beautifully refined craftsmanship in both their lyrics and their music. If you like Erasure, then be happy to know that this is one of the best albums in their catalog.

This little gem almost slipped right by me. My good friend Shawn in Boston had introduced me to Erasure back in the early 90s; my boyfriend Sean is a huge Erasure fan now. When The Violet Flame was released last summer without any publicity or singles, I might never had heard it if Sean hadn’t brought it into the house.

I think it’s interesting that this album is called “The Violet Flame”. The soul climbs energetically from indigo to violet, and Erasure delivers the violet flame in all it’s glory as only two little queens from the 90s could. These ten songs fly by in just under 38 minutes. It’s a fast, hypnotic listen. The album opener, Dead Of Night, might be the fiercest Erasure track ever. As soon as it starts, you know it’s time to buckle up because two queens are going to read your ass. The fairy dust on this album comes straight through the speakers. This comes on and I can’t help jumping out of bed and dancing around the room even though it’s past midnight.

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