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Anyone who knows me even a little knows that '80s hit tv show Dynasty holds a very special place in my heart. Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Roan was the girl who taught me how to really chuck a vase of flowers across a room at someone's head. She is the true definition of "diabolical" and I love every moment of her.What is it about Dynasty that makes it such a classic work? It could be the cat-fight between Alexis and Krystle in the lily pond. Or the cat-fight between Alexis and Krystle where they destroyed Alexis's studio. Or the cat-fight between Alexis and Krystle when their stunt doubles are obviously dudes in dresses. Or the between-season casting changes that inspire hours of debate and discussion. (Because I really love Fallon 1. Pamela Sue Martin is FLAWLESSNESS! And poor Emma Samms, who plays Fallon 2 after season 4, can never hold a candle to Fallon 1. But when Jack Coleman takes over as Steven 2, he really makes it his own in a whole new way, so much so that I don't really even remember Steven 1.

And whatever happened to Amanda? How can a twenty-something-year-old heiress just vanish into thin air and no one notice or ever mention her again? But I digress.) Or it could be the awesome hotness of Heather Locklear sliding down a banister in an electric blue leotard introducing us to Sammy Jo. Or it could be crazy-like-Ophelia-burn-this-place-to-the-ground-I'm-taking-all-you-muthafuckers-with-me Claudia, who spends all of season 6 acting with her fingertips. Or Dominique Devereaux, or Sable. Or it could be Jeff Colby. Perfect, perfect, Jeff Colby.About two years ago, I sat down with my boyfriend, who had never seen an episode, and bought the entire series on amazon. We watched it from the beginning. Nine seasons and over two hundred episodes of big hair, big drama, and big personalities going to war against one another. We just finished season 9, and I am happy to say that the show is still as good as it was thirty years ago. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. favorite television.

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