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Do you stretch in the morning? Did you stretch this morning? I have been trying to keep up with my dog Lucky who stretches every morning without fail. Out of bed she trots and then stretches her back legs and then her front legs. She arches her back and takes a moment to align herself. She is magnificent at this. I watch every day in awe saying, "Why don't I do this? Is my dog smarter than me? Why don't I stretch?"

So, I stretch now in the mornings and I feel a major difference. Stretching my legs feels wonderful and helps my lower back. When I stretch my back, I feel my muscles lengthen and activate. My body opens up and comes alive. I feel the blood circulating through me as my whole body wakes up. Stretching in the morning activates the energy in blood and muscles and bones. Stretching the muscles can help to release any toxins they may be holding on to. When your muscles are warmed up, it helps prevent muscular injury. Stretching, when done with calm patience, is a wonderful way to meditate with your entire body. Movement is medicine. Take some time to stretch and be good to your body.

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