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The second best thing to water going inside your body is water going outside your body. Personally, I love a nice hot shower. The shower is one of my favorite parts of my day. A great shower not only feels good, it can also be beneficial to your health. I love to relax and pamper myself, and the shower is a great sanctuary where I can do that. 

The ten minutes I spend in the shower are incredibly important to me. I slowly come to life in the morning under the warm water. I've had problems with my back and spine since I was young, so the shower has always been a relaxing and peaceful place for me. As the water sprays down on my back, I drop my head and rock back and forth. I enjoy the water massaging my body. I lather up with my favorite body wash and enjoy being all wet and soapy. I clean myself from head to toe. The warm water washes over my head, my face, and my chest, and I feel good. 

I take my time so that the warm moving water can increase my circulation and improve my blood pressure, as well as loosen the tension in my muscles and joints. Increased blood circulation stimulates the lymph system, which boosts the immune system. Hot water and steam open the pores of my skin, making it easier to clean and to release impurities. I use a great face wash which makes all the difference in the world. 

A hot shower is an effective way to warm up at the start of the day. I always finish my shower with a cold rinse, which is great for your skin, helps minimize pores, and makes your skin feel refreshed. I turn the temperature to the coldest setting and stand under the cold water for a few minutes. It wakes me up and makes me feel recharged and rejuvenated.

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