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Madonna, as we all know, is the Queen of Everything. And when the Queen goes on tour, all of her loyal subjects gather for a thrilling night of music and spectacle, and I am one of those loyal subjects. She is the only person I consider myself to be a fan of. I had the privilege of seeing the MDNA tour three times, once in Boston and twice in New York City. The DVD captures the essence of the tour and embellishes the experience with cinematic flair as only The Queen can do, but I got to say, something about the grandeur of the large scale arena tour is never perfectly preserved on the small screen. Some of the projections and set design of the tour was so stunning in real life, seeing it on film can't contain it. What the DVD does for me is helps me remember my experience of the tour more clearly, and allow me to see some of the finer details of the show up close.The choreography is incredible. The show, and Madonna, never stops moving. 

The stamina she displays is admirable, and I'm quite certain that at least a few laws of physics were defied by her ensemble of dancers.

The vision of the show is brilliant. The set design, costumes, and lighting are all incredibly effective. Madonna describes the show as a journey from darkness to light, and I definitely felt that. It started off in the church of Madonna which exploded and dropped her down into a hell of thieves and thugs and guns. She has to fight her way through violence and imprisonment before she rises into light and freedom.

She spoke to me in Boston! Right before Masterpiece, she said "And now I'm going to sing a song about--" and she stopped to catch her breath, and I said "Love!" And then Madonna said, "That's right, Love. I got you, babe," and she looked right at me.

This is definitely a show to remember. If you didn't get a chance to see it live, pick up the DVD or watch it at home on Netflix.

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