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A little soulbird named India.Arie has landed on my windowsill to deliver a beautiful album and a spiritual experience. 
SongVersation kicks off with one of my favorite tracks, "Just Do You," empowering the listener to develop self-worth, and inspiring you to get up and dance and be the star you know you are. One of my favorite lyrics is "If you create the game, then you create the rules, and if you just be you there's no way you can lose."

On the first listen I danced around to the first few tracks, but by time "Flowers" began, me and the dog were resting on the bed, dipping into a deep relaxing state.
"Break The Shell" is another favorite. The standout lyric for me is: "Life's gonna hurt, but it's meant to be felt. You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself. You cannot fly until you break the shell." I love how she sees both the big picture and the fine details of life. She's all about bringing love and light and understanding into the world.

In repeated listenings, I have enjoyed getting into each song. The lyrics contain great ideas about self-discovery, empowerment, who we attract to us, love, the others in our lives, sensuality and spirituality, and that's just for starters. The music is simultaneously luminous and groovy, ethereal and fun, and filled with light and warmth.

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