The first time I saw a GODIVA store was in the Copley Square mall in Boston. Everything was so gorgeous, I knew I was standing in the most beautiful chocolate store I had ever been in at that point. I was a teenager and didn't have money to buy the big boxes of truffles, but I loved stopping by the store to get just one truffle for $2. It became a favorite indulgence before I would hit the movie theatre with my nephews. Godiva Truffles feel so regal and so gorgeous to me, I love the texture of the firm outside shell that surrounds the creamy insides. One Mother's Day, I got my mother a box of Godiva Truffles. She said "Oh, that's nice, but I would've rather had the Whitman's Sampler box." She is the only person on the planet who ever felt this way, and that's why GODIVA Chocolate Truffles gets The Wally Star