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If you want the car to go, you have to put gas in the tank. We are no different. If you want enough fuel to run your day, start with a healthy breakfast. And I emphasize the "healthy" part. Breakfast is incredibly important for a successful day. I ate breakfast as a kid only if Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes counts as breakfast. Either that or my mother would make me what she called "dropped eggs on toast,” which she loved to make and I thought was amazing and it was wonderful every time. Another favorite, still today, is french toast.

But as I grew up and headed out into life, I acted like breakfast became less and less important. Thank god for brunch on the weekends in my 20's. That is when I ate well and learned how much I enjoyed the wonderfulness of fresh fruit. Brunch in one of the many hotels in Boston with friends was fun, but I still wasn't eating breakfast properly during the week.

Some days I would start off with oatmeal and soon after be wondering why I was feeling so good. I had to gradually build breakfast into my day.

Nowadays, breakfast for me consists of a lean protein, a whole grain, and ideally a little bit of fruit. I usually have basted eggs or non-fat yogurt for the protein, oatmeal or shredded wheat for the whole grain, and some grapes or strawberries on the side. I feel better, my day goes better, and I feel nourished and energized. Feed the machine and then live the dream.

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