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How do I connect to the universe? Prayer and mediation are my go to methods. The first thing I try to do after I open my eyes in the morning is connect. I know that I am already connected, but my goal is to strengthen that connection. I connect my soul to my mind and heart. I align my chakras and picture vibrant colorful wheels spinning inside me. I am an energy being, and I treat myself as such. While I am still in bed, I reach up and connect to the heavens and the energies of this powerful Universe. I ask for the guidance and protection of something greater and more powerful than me.

The day in front of me is a gift. It is another day to realize who I am and to enjoy this wonderful world. I am here to do service and be of help. As I slip out of bed, I hit my knees and say my prayers by my bedside. I put my hands together and speak honestly. I bless myself when I am done. It is something my Mother taught me when I was very young. It is also something my paternal grandfather was said to do entire adult life.


I always feel the energy of the universe strongest when the sun hits my face. I feel the warmth washes over me and I absorb it’s loving energy and the information it carries. As I venture out into my day, I put my headset on and listen to some good music to get my body grooving. Soon after, my spirit starts to soar. Some days I actually can’t stop myself from dancing down the street. I reconnect throughout the day whenever I start to feel disconnected or hit a speed bump. I ask for help and guidance again. Good orderly direction is the compass. Every day I try to be better and to do better. I remind myself that the Universe loves me and has my back. Because of that unconditional love given to me, I try to be more generous with my love. I try to be gentler and kinder. It can be hard, but every day I get to practice a little bit more. When I connect to the Universe I feel centered and balanced, which attracts things to me which are right for me. When I connect to the universe, I feel good. 


If you are having a hard time remembering to connect to the Universe at the start of your day, you can always leave a little note beside your bed to help remind you when you wake up. That can help you make the habit your own. Try it, it’s nice to have a little extra support in your day. The doorknob to the Universe is on your side; open the door.

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