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"Lotus," the new album from Christina Aguilera, is incredible. The Lotus emerges bringing a new beginning. She rises with great thoughtfulness, inspiring dance tracks to get your body moving and beautiful ballads to move the heart. Christina is a master at turning her pain into great triumph. She sings for freedom and love. I cannot stop listening, and I am influenced to rise up myself like the Lotus Christina sings about.Great songs like "Army of Me" have me walking down the streets of NYC in a fresh way. At moments I have to remind myself I am not on a cat walk or in a music video. This bitch is so on! There are a thousand faces of this girl and I love them all. "Rise Up!!" she sings, and I feel like jumping out of my skin. With "Red Hot Kinda Love," she has me smiling to myself dancing through in traffic, horns beeping with perfect timing. She is out to "Make The World Move" with ideas like "If one smile can erase a frown imagine what two can do." I totally feel the groove of this single. "The time is now, no time to wait. Turn up the love turn down the hate."

Her timing with this song is right on. It is truly the future sound. She reminds us, "It starts with me and you"."Your Body" is sexy and hot, and she continues the heat with "Let there Be Love" and "All Around The World".Things change a bit with the duet with Blake Shelton "Just A Fool" and "Light Up The Sky". She turns to "Blank Page" and gets a bit serious, which I appreciate. "How do I say I'm sorry?" she asks. She has the ability to cut right through the bull and get to the core of things. Once more, her storytelling captivates. She literally stops me in my tracks with "Empty Words." "Funny thing about about hurt people is they tend to hurt people. The funny thing about lies is they're only lies," she sings. "Go ahead and say the things you gotta say. You know you're only throwing empty words my way. You won't break me. Life can be cruel but the only approval that I need is mine." The girl - I mean woman - knows exactly what she is singing about and she sings it well.Another stand-out track is the anti-violence anthem "Cease Fire." With its military rhythms contrasting the song's lyrical plea for peace, Christina sings "Pain and hurt, Living in fear, Wasted energy. In the end, What is it worth? What is our legacy?" Given the recent spree of shootings all across the country, her message is becoming more and more important.And if you don't like what she has to say, that is fine too. She isn't everyone's cup of tea and she's aware of that. She tells you to "Shut the fuck up" and dedicates a song in the middle of the album to those she invites to sit on her middle finger called "Circles," which is kinda funny. This record is solid, both musically and lyrically. It is the most consistent album she has made, and this older and wiser Christina is truly the best of her. It is my favorite album of the moment. Christina "Sing For Me"!

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