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Artsypopsy, well written, and inspiring are the first words that come to mind when listening to "Is Anybody Out There" by A Great Big World. Like most if us, the first time I heard of these boys was the duet with Christina Aguilera, "Say Something." I was curious to see what the full album would belike. I have to say, I really like an album. A good album is so much more rewarding than a bunch of singles. And this is a really good album. This album came out in January, and it has kept me in good spirits throughout this long and awful winter.

The first track, "Rock Star," is a great album opener, inviting the listener to share rock star status. Cheerful and upbeat. The beat starts the motor of a journey where the songs are about things everybody can relate to, about things we all experience just by being human. Some of the lyrics are astoundingly insightful. "We're all getting older, wishing we were young, hanging on to memories of what we could become."


With it's piano riffs and bouncy synths, "I Really Want It" reminds me of "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles in the best way possible. "We're always looking at someone else, why don't we look in the mirror, cuz all you need is inside yourself it couldn't be any clearer." "The more we love, the more we learn. The more we love, the more we burn, the more we love." He doesn't care if he sins, he really wants it. And I can relate."You'll Be Okay" is like listening to a gospel tinged hug to wrap up and keep warm in. "If You're Gay" is a fun break right in the middle to lighten the mood if you haven't yet driven off the side of the road. "We can't keep running away from who we are." "If you fall in between that's the best way to be. You've got so many options, every fish in the sea wants to kiss you. Mwah!" "There Is An Answer" is a standout in this collection. I love it's opening affirmation: "I am just a cell in a great big sea, searching for what's meant for me. And I thank my lucky stars every single day. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."The perfect unrequited love song has got to be "I Don't Want To Love Somebody Else." "Oh, we left it all unspoken. Oh, we buried it alive and now it's screaming in my head. Oh, I shouldn't go on hoping, oh, that you will change your mind and one day we could start again." If you've been asking yourself, "Is There Anybody Out There?", the answer is a resounding yes! After all, it's A Great Big World, and we're all in it together.

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